Animatio Reel 2017








Character Animation showreel - 2016


My first showreel for character animation; it shows most of the work I've done during my three years at CSC - Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Turin, Italy.
00:06 - Acting and lip-sync exercise on a non-original character - Pearl from Cartoon Network's Steven Universe (rights belong to CN and Rebecca Sugar).
00:10 - Scene from "Humus", my graduation short film which I worked on (Idea, Storyboard and Character animation), along with Simone Cirillo, Dario Livietti and Alice Tagliapietra.
00:16 - Scenes from a one-week school workshop held by Mario Addis at CSC.
00:23 - Promotional video for the travel agency "Amoroso Viaggi".
00:32 - Animation school and personal exercises on paper and Toon Boom Harmony.
00:42 - Intro from "Un minuto al Polo", a promotional video commissioned by Compagnia di San Paolo and produced at CSC.
00:50 - Four other scenes from "Humus".